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Jan 15

Senior health care is a form of rehabilitative healthcare that allows patients to take medically necessary treatment in their Personal homes. Senior Care Services may include medical nursing and rehabilitation therapies such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy. It also may include home health aides who provide assistance with daily living activities and reminders to take medications. Many people receiving home health care have chronic conditions that require ongoing management. Home health care may allow them to remain in their homes longer than would otherwise be possible.

The goal of home health care is to help patients recover from illness or injury and regain independence while being able to live in familiar surroundings and remain connected with family, friends, community, places of worship, and everyday activities. It can be a more cost effective and safer alternative to long term care in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, or rehabilitation center. Home health care is typically covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and some private insurance plans.

Some people who need home health care must rely on informal caregivers, such as spouses or children, to assist with basic needs, manage medications, and perform other essential tasks. Often the professional clinician cannot evaluate or supervise these caregivers, and this can lead to sub-par care. For example, a husband may forget to give his wife her insulin or neglect to change a bedpan, which can be dangerous for the patient.

Finding the right home care is a daunting task for most families. The best way to begin the search is by asking for recommendations from friends and neighbors who have had good experiences with home health agencies. It's also helpful to ask your doctor for a referral. Once you've found an agency, be sure to check for licensing and certification. Ask if the agency conducts criminal background checks on all employees, and be sure to read any reviews posted by previous clients.

Before hiring a home health aide or home care agency, it's important to know the different types of home care available and what your particular needs are. You should also talk with your senior's physician and be sure to clarify all of the terms of your agreement. Also, make sure the space you're providing for a home health aide is insured against accidents. Renter's insurance and homeowners insurance can cover expenses incurred by household employees who are injured while working in the home.

Getting a little extra help at home can mean the difference between keeping a loved one in their own home and having them move to a nursing home or assisted-living facility. With home health care, the elderly or disabled person can enjoy a comfortable and familiar environment while still receiving quality healthcare services. This can be a great choice for families who wish to avoid the expense and upheaval of moving a loved one. Read more in our elder care blog.

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